Surge arrester 1 outlet 230V/16A

+ 2 USB ports 5V/2.1A

Ref : CEB041F
Description :
Protect your electrical devices against overvoltage and short-circuits (except big household electrical)
2 USB ports which enable to charge your devices which are equipped with a USB port - 5V / 2.1A
LED indicating the protection
Power 230V / 16A
Protection 560J
Max electrical current 12500A
Max voltage 6000V
Filter EMI-RFI 150 Khz à 30 Mhz - Noise attenuation up to 20dB
Features :
EAN Code : 3558104901053
Dimensions of product : L6,6 x H9 x D7,3 cm
Packaging : carboard
Dimensions of product with packaging : H15 x L9,5 x D7,3 cm
Net weight : 170 g